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Self Storage Tips and Advice
Rent the smallest-sized unit you can fill. Then, pack your unit strategically to maximize the amount of belongings you can fit into your space.
Storing loose items in boxes best protects your goods. Stack full boxes of the same size up to shoulder-height, in rows. This will use your storage space most efficiently.
Before filling your unit, place plastic along the floor and a few inches up the walls.
Allow room for air to circulate! Don't pack boxes directly against unit walls.
Arrange smaller belongings in your unit first, near the rear of your unit. Leave the largest, heaviest items for last, near the front.
To protect your upholstered furniture, avoid putting heavy or pointed items on sofas or chairs.
Be sure to use plastic covers on upholstered furniture and mattresses.
When everything is arranged, drape a final plastic cover over all your items.
Protect your belongings with a high quality lock. Avoid cheap locks – these can rust.
Get insurance for your belongings in your unit. Talk to the manager about self-storage coverage at competitive rates.
Make a record of everything in your unit. Include pictures with descriptions.
Loading Your Space
Start packing for your move early! Taking the time to carefully pack small and breakable items really pays off. A move is also a great time to get rid of things you no longer need or want that are only taking up valuable space.
Buy plenty of strong packing boxes, paper, packing tape and felt-tipped markers for labeling your boxes. Check out these handy packing tips for a variety of items to simplify the process, protect your belongings and use your space efficiently!
Appliances: Secure appliance doors with tape when in transit but tip appliance doors open in your unit. Use a small wedge or crumpled paper to keep moveable parts secured. Protect each item by wrapping with a paper pad. Use large appliances like freezers, refrigerators, washers and dryers to move or store linen, towels, or clothes. Be sure to thoroughly clean your stove and notify your utility companies of your moving date to disconnect your services.
Beds: Tie bed rails with either rope or tape. When you dismantle beds, keep track of which pieces go together by marking the pieces discreetly. Cover mattresses to protect them during the move and in storage.
Books: Too many books can make a box unmanageable. Use smaller boxes and try to limit the weight to 30lbs. Protect books by lining boxes with plastic, like garbage bags, and stuff any empty room with crumpled paper.
Bureaus: Drawers in bureaus and dressers can do double duty. Line drawers with cushy clothing, towels, or blankets, and place a few small or fragile things in each drawer.
Cartons: Take care of yourself! Don’t pack boxes to weigh more than 30lbs. Make note of the contents with a marker or pen on the side of the box. Include box length, width, and height if it’s not printed on the box.
Chairs: Take care of chair legs by taping paper around them. Protect upholstered furniture with a plastic cover.
Clothing: Store hanging clothes in a wardrobe carton.
Dishes: Set aside some time for wrapping and packing plates and bowls. Wrap dishes individually in packing tissue and protect them for the move by padding the empty spaces in the box with crumpled paper. Don’t fill boxes of dishes to weigh more than 30lbs to ensure safe transport.
Glasses: Take care packing your glasses, just like your dishes. Cover in tissue and cushion in the box with crumpled paper.
Lamps: Protect lamp shades by packing individually with plenty of room for crumpled paper. Bases for lamps can travel safely in drawers, freezers and washing machines as long as they are cushioned with towels and blankets.
WARNING: Never Store Combustibles or Perishables! This may include items like old paint, cleaning supplies, gasoline, etc. Drain or burn off all fuel from gasoline-powered equipment. Discard any items that might start a fire. Avoid storing food or other goods attractive to rodents or pests. It’s not worth risking your belongings to hold on to a few leftovers.
Space Saving Packing Tips
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